Our framework for web applications that allows us to build robust applications with a rich user interface in a short time.

Robust and secure
Using standard technologies (Java Enterprise Edition) with a three-tiered model (using JPA/Eclipselink in the persistence tier and Apache Wicket in the Presentation Tier) and a well conceived pluggable architecture based on OSGi.

Rapid Application Development
Our framework comes with a lot of funcionality out-of-the-box, allowing us to focus on your business problem rather than technical issues.
This allows us to build solutions that perfectly match your businnes in a within a reasonable time and cost.

Extended library of components
SherpaBeans contains a big variety of web components allowing to build attractive and effective applications, allowing you to make the best use of your data: tables, cross-tables, charts, integration with google maps, image thumbnails... all the tools you need for a modern and complete web application.
Furthermore, our frameworks comes with those features (permissions, audit trails, monitoring, session tracking, scheduled jobs) that make the difference for an enterprise application on the long run.

The sherpabeans framework is also prepared to connect easily from mobile devices,and we have a special set of components to build native mobile apps for both iOS and Android.


Cloud-based business application that manages integrally your business processes.

eSengo Team Organizer
The ideal solution to manage a distributed team. Includes Task Management, Workflows, Time Tracking, Project Management, Meeting management, Vacations Request and much more.

eSengo ERP
Full fledged ERP solution in the cloud.


Apropa’t is an online portal that aims to encourage local trade and retail businesses.
Our main goal is to provide retail businesses with the necessary technological support to increase their visibility and improve their sales and customer loyalty.